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Pete checked in from Busan and things were going very well. There was a crew party the night before they made port at Busan but we are waiting for some more information from Pete about the theme of the party, which was not easily identified from the pictures of some of Pete's friends dressed as dice! He and his friend, Holbrook, visited what Pete called a "cat cafe" in Busan. According to Google, they are very popular, especially in the East, and are moving around the world. You pay a fee and/or purchase a food or beverage for yourself and/or for the cats that live in the cafe - then the cats favor you with their attention (or not, as they choose!). Google describes it as a form of pet rental! Anyway, the guys had a nice visit with the kitties and sent a few pictures about their visit.

P.S. The animal party was a "Noah's Ark" theme and the other one was a "Las Vegas" theme.

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