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contemplating a trickle

Kingston lighthouse

garter snake - 2 feet long!

Dot is on vacation this week, so I had a rare opportunity to spend time with her. She chose to go on a hike down in Esopus to see the waterfalls on a trail and then to take a different trail around a pond that her son David had mentioned. Seems like I’m not the only one with a fetish for water falling from one level down to another! I remember walking this path and seeing a big snapping turtle on the rock near the waterfall and that people were walking over and close to it to get near the falls. I chose to stay back and found my letterbox hidden nearby instead. But on this day, the waterfall was but a trickle.

We also went into Kingston down by the Hudson River to have a peek.

The next day we did a couple of errands and walked a little in Ramshorn Park in Catskill. I tried to build a ladderball set but I need more PVC pipe. We got called into the house where there was a snake in the bathroom! We are all afraid of snakes and I used to have a recurring nightmare about snakes taking over the whole village and you couldn't walk anywhere without stepping on them. Dot had the good idea of getting a big paper bag and a prong of some sort to coax it into the bag and then taking it outside. There isn't room for 2 people to do this and she freaked and backed off. I had a metal rod used to hang plants off a ceiling hook and I used that to get the snake down into the tub. Then I got the snake to go into the paper bag and continually shook it so the snake couldn't crawl up the bag and onto me until I could get outdoors with it. I became the hero of the day!

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