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Capital grounds. All set up for an Art Fair.

The Art Fair was calling our name.

Ford Car show

Lots of Mustangs

The old.

And the new!

This one caught Larry's attention.

They don't make them like this anymore!

Yesterday on our way home from Mandan we caught a glimpse of an art fair. Last night on the news they were showing some of the vendors. It was held on the capital building grounds.

We spent the afternoon walking around looking at the art and crafts. They also had a car show for just Ford vehicles.

The only thing we bought was 'Lefse'. A Norwegian crepe made out of potato. You put butter and sugar on it and roll it up, it looks like a skinny burrito only it's a very yummy Norwegian desert. It is a very popular desert for them, especially at Christmas time. We bought a few dozen to share with Larry's family.

We had a late afternoon lunch and headed home. We just got home when it started raining. The temp dropped from 82 degrees to 66 in just a few minutes. We have taken a couple walks since the rain stopped. The evening is cool and nice. The mosquitoes are not so nice!

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