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Well we are back at the campground at Kenny Lake where we left the trailer for two days. We checked out of the Kennecott Lodge this morning and headed back down the gravel road to our home away from home. Having safely arrived at the campground the truck was glad to be back on a solid surface roadway. That should be the last of the dirt/gravel roads we will travel. Now it only has to haul the 8000 pound trailer around.

We had a good time in Kennecott and have the sore muscles to prove it. Walking tours up and down 12 story buildings and 6 hour hikes took a toll on our old bones. Tomorrow we drive to Tok Alaska and officially begin our trip back to Merritt Island although there will be numerous side trips and stops along the way. The next couple of days will have just overnight stops as we make our way to Haines Alaska famous for its bald eagle population.

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