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In the city fresh market

Conference on the steps



Spin Ride

Roller Coaster

Crabby Marie

Merry go Round

In the elevator

The Snail

In the Sound

Alice takes a leap

Ole and Minna

Ole's flat

The day started for me about 6:00 when I woke up and took a much needed shower. Very cramped shower compared to what I’m used to but it got the job done! Then I spent over an hour working on the last bit of the summer classes. It was just past midnight in VA – the deadline for everything to be turned in. One student was sick so I gave an extension until this evening but I got the rest done. A nice relief.

By then Marie, Thor, and Alice were up so we had a small breakfast of fresh baked rolls, cheese, chocolate wafers (milk chocolate that you ate on the rolls), and some tea. As we were finishing Ole and Minna showed up and we proceeded to walk to the Metro and bought tickets. We entered the completely automated train and zoomed through the new tunnel to downtown and the Fresh Market.

The market itself was full of all sorts of things – spices, fresh vegetables and fish, smoked hams, perfumes, designer ice cream, coffee, and on and on. Most quite expensive. As we were looking around Alice started feeling quite sick so she sat in the shade. I got her an ice cream but that didn’t seem to help. We chatted and decided to head back to the flat. Thor got quite upset as we had planned to go to Tivoli, so ran off crying. There was a family conference and Alice decided she could go to the park after all so we hopped on a bus and travelled the mile or so to Tivoli.

The park itself has been a fixture of downtown Copenhagen for 150+ years. It is mostly the same but updated rides abounded. We grabbed a couple deck chairs and a table and sat in the shade for a bit. Thor and Ole wanted to go on the roller coaster (wooden, 100+ years old but recently refurbished) and Alice said she felt better so we all went. A rather tame ride, according to Alice, but fun! Through mountains and ice caves…

When done Alice wanted to go on the high swing ride. We had to wait about 30 minutes and she started to feel sick again but stuck it out. The ride was nice in that you got to see the whole city but not that exciting. When done Alice was a little sick… So we went back to the chairs and sat in the shade for a bit and had a bit of lunch. Alice was still feeling poorly and the park had free wifi so she was happy. The rest of us trooped off to look at the park. It is set up in many sections – a pirate section, a mid eastern one, a Chinese one, and a fairyland. Marie and Thor went on a ride while the three of us sat in the shade (quite warm – 88 degrees – very unusual for Denmark). Then they came back and Marie, Thor, and me road on the Merry-Go-Round! We were the flower!

Then we headed back to get Alice and left the park. Back on the bus to Ole’s flat. We stopped in a grocery store for some supplies and Ole took Thor to spend the night with his father Mads. We got to their building and they live on the sixth floor so we took the elevator – and it got stuck between the 3rd and 4th floor! We rang for assistance and they said they would come soon. No AC in the elevator that could barely hold the four of us. We told elevator stories and joked around but it got quite stuffy. Several people walked by (we could see shoes!) but none could help. The repair man came about 40 minutes later and we got out just as Ole returned!

Ole’s place is a studio flat – very nice and on the top floor. Minna made a great dinner of a citrus salad, nutmeg spinach, and a cheese and tuna pastry. It was all very good! We then sat around talking about old adventures together (Ole and Minna did their honeymoon with me and my then wife Kathy on a tour of Great Britain). It was still quite warm so we decided to go for a swim!

Back to Marie’s flat to get our suites (in Ole’s car) then off to the Sound to a place called “The Snail.” It’s a public facility – a large pier built into the sound that anyone could use. We walked through many groups with fires cooking lots of things and walked out onto the Snail. Quite an impressive piece of work. It was quite slippery and much algae was growing on it, but… Ole went in then I followed then the rest. There was a nice jumping platform (8 meters – about 20 feet) that Alice and I both flung ourselves off of. But after swimming for about 45 minutes we decided we should head home.

We looked for a hotdog stand for Alice but alas none could be found, so we headed to Marie’s. Ole and Minna showed us their bikes and we are to ride them the two miles to their flat in the morning! They headed off and the three of us went up to the flat. We made some tea and got some rolls and hard cheese and sat around talking about prisons, prisoners, prison policies, and criminals. Marie is director of foreign prisoner education so we had a lot to talk about. Quite a contrast between the two systems.

But it was getting later than in should have and Alice was a little less than interested, so we said goodnight and headed off to bed. I then checked my classes for any issues (I missed one thing) and then to write this log. So much went on that if I don’t do it the night of it’s gone forever. Even writing it down many things get left out.

Tomorrow we are to visit the palace and see the crown jewels. Marie will be at work so it will be just the five of us. It should be another warm day.

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