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German beer?

Gourmet dinner

You can tell you're in Germany...

Yep, Germany


Flight from Charlotte boarded with no problems. We had interior seats - Alice took the aisle. A bit cramped but not too bad. Reasonable movie selection as well. Bathrooms on a lower level too!

They served dinner - chicken with mashed potatoes or a pasta plate. Neither was very good. Also a beer - "Good German Beer" the steward said... it was beer. I slept a bit but rather fitfully. Alice seemed to get in a good rest.

Got in to Munich about 10:00 Am (4:00 AM EST). Went through passport control then found our gate. Alice got a salami sandwich as a breakfast treat. The one on the plane wasn't great.

The terminal is interesting with some high end shops and free coffee and newspapers. Prices are what you might expect. They have an Havana Club store - but just by the bottle, not by the drink!

Now we're waiting for our flight - boarding in three hours. Maybe a nap is in order.

Alice rested a little but the airport is quite warm. Temperature outside is 28 C (about 82) which is warm for here. Some other cities are in the 90s with a heat advisory.

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