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And they are off!

J & J, great seats for the races guys!

Yep, we're ready!


Nice to see the women participating :)

Both have their watermelons in this shot!

The Bedrock Bombers eem to be losing their mattress!

The kids are loving it :)

And the winners! Love the bed on top of the trophy :)

This post will be short & sweet cuz I am tired!!! It's been a hectic couple of days & if you follow us on FB you've seen some of these pics. But, for those that haven't, I'll share a few.

The Gold Discovery Day's Hospital Races were at 7pm Friday evening. We parked near the 'racetrack', set up our chairs & cut through the alley, arriving at the VFW just in time to head downstairs for dinner. Had an excellent meal with friends John & Joyce, finishing just in time to make it back for the start of the auction/race.

There were 8 teams, all younger people and all very enthusiastic. There were some teams that were dressed alike…such as the Bedrock Bunch & the Princess team.

They raced, 2 teams at a time, down the street where there is a child’s wading pool at the end. One member would grab a watermelon, place it in the lap of the person in the bed, then round the cones and race back. After getting their lap times, they were paired off for the 'real deal' until an eventual winner was crowned.

There was a good turnout again this year, with good weather & an enthusiastic crowd. Just one more thing about this small town living we just love! Tomorrow's post will cover the parade & perhaps the car show. Or maybe the Long Island Tea event at the VFW. We'll see how many pics I snap. Anyway, thanks for stopping by & please check back soon :)

PS Yesterday, July 25th was sister Lori's birthday. Happy Birthday honey, hope it was a great one! Love you :)

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