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White Salmon River

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Mt. Adams, Washington

Obama Machine

2 day old alpaca

Ross & Marge had originally been told that they could only stay at the Bridge RV Park until Thursday because the park was full for the weekend. They asked the park if a cancellation occurred to let them know as they would like to stay here until Monday leaving Tuesday morning. Ross checked with the office after they returned to the campground late Thursday afternoon and there had been no cancellations. Ross then made two calls to two campgrounds in Salem, Oregon to try and make reservations for several days in Salem but each of the two campground offices closed at 1700 so he left messages stating that ho would like to make reservations and that they would arrive sometime Friday afternoon. Not ten minutes after leaving those messages Ross got a call from the Bridge RV Park office and there was a cancellation and they could stay until next Thursday. Ross walked to the office and signed up to stay until Monday with them leaving Tuesday morning. The Phoenix Campground in Salem called early Friday morning with the intention of telling Ross that the campground was full for the weekend. Ross told them about the change in plans and they were delighted because they do have space for them arriving next Tuesday where Ross and Marge plan on staying several days. The second campground, Premier Resorts, never did return Ross’ phone message.

Essentially what Ross & Marge are doing is killing time until August 8th when they will join their Allegro Club in Red Bluff, California for their August outing. That is why they are taking their time and staying at places they might not have stayed for extended periods at other times. That is not saying that they are not enjoying their stays and it is a very restful means of travel. Ross is feeling better and these past couple of days they have toured the area. Yesterday they crossed the river into Hood River, Oregon and visited the bank and did some shopping at Walmart.

After their visit to Hood River they drove to an alpaca farm that the Visitors Center employee said was a neat place to visit. It turned out that the farm is also a great place to get a photo of Mt. Adams which is a snow covered mountain in southwest Washington. See the photos and imagine what it would be like to get up every morning and see that spectacular sight every day, well, at least every day it wasn't raining.

The farm also has a collection old farming equipment setup on some very tasteful displays. One of the objects is a farm implement that Ross has not seen since he was youngster. This piece is a manure spreader that was used by a farmer to spread manure in the fields where the manure became a great fertilizer. Ross immediately named it the Obama Machine.

Thursday Ross and Marge drove not quite as far as the alpaca farm and the mountain was not visible due to overcast but they did see the White Salmon River which is a favorite local attraction for white water rafting. Rafting company's run shuttles from a place called BZ Corner where the rafts are launched and they then drift through the falls and windup at the bridge at Highway 14 where the White Salmon River empties into the Columbia River. Ross and Marge did not ride the rafts.

Bingen, Washington is located about one mile east of the campground. It is a very small town with several restaurants and of all things a pot shop. Washington just passed a law legalizing pot and Margie's Pot shop is now open in the town of Bingen. (See photo)

Today there is an Arts and Wine Festival in the town of White Salmon and Ross and Marge intend to attend the festival. Tomorrow they plan on visiting several wineries and a museum located about fifty miles from White Salmon. Monday will likely be spent cleaning and getting ready to move onto Salem, Oregon.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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