Bachmans Maritime Province Trip 2014 travel blog

Aviation museum in Gander, Newfoundland

Linda on simulator before her crash

Silent Witness Memorial

Statue of Missing Soldiers

We had rain during the night so it made it a little muddy. It has started to clear so should be a good driving day. We have 215 miles to travel which they said would take about 5 hrs. We will backtrack again for about 28 miles to Highway 331. After about another 20 miles we will be on Highway 330 which is called Road to the Shore. We are heading toward Gander on our way to Bonavista. The roads were the same. Full of chuckholes. We stopped at Gander and unhooked the car. We visited the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. It is a small museum but has a wealth of information. Our guide was a young man in his 20's who really knew his history. He gave us so much information we will not even begin to remember it all. Linda tried her luck at flying a plane on a simulator but wasn't very successful. She crashed every flight. Gander is the town where hundreds of planes were diverted to when we were attacked on 9/11. The people in this town came together and housed, fed and took people shopping to get clothes to wear while they were there. Our tour guides family took in some people and they cooked lots of food and took it to the shelter where some were staying. He told us that the Walmart store helped clothe people and didn't charge them anything. We spent about 1 1/2 hours there. The guide spent the entire time with us. From there we drove to the Silent Witness Memorial which was just a short distance away. This is a memorial to the 265 soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division whose plane crashed on takeoff in1985 into Gander Bay. They were on a peace mission and had stopped here to refuel. The only witnesses were two truck drivers, the trees, wind and water. It hasn't been determined whether the plane was sabotaged or there was an icing problem. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this crash. The US Government put a 70 year lock on the file hoping that when opened there would not be any living witnesses. There have been some attempts to retrieve the plane. On the first attempt the cable broke and the plane fell deeper into the Bay. Recent divers say that it looks well preserved. The plane has been promised to the Museum if or when it is ever recovered. We went back to the parking lot, did a little grocery shopping and then continued on to Bonavista on TCH 1 for about 75 miles then turning off on Hwy 230 called the Discovery Trail. We arrived at the campground around 5:30. The Wagonmaster and his wife put together a Hobo Stew which consisted of 2 cans of vegetables that each coach contributed with some meat added. They used a big propane cooker like we use for omelette in a bag. It was served with toasted French bread and dessert. It turned out very good. It was a long day so we all retired early.

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