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Strange journey today

Beautiful bright wildflowers

Getting hilly now

Heading inland around the east end of the Bay

More Strawberry fields

Gilroy, the Garlic Capitol

One of many garlic shops

Lovely hills of this area

Our toll for 5 axles crossing the bridge

Benicia Bridge

The Navy's "Mothball Fleet" by Mare Island

Winters, California

Many orchards along this highway

And more grape vines

Lots of lovely ranches

Putah Creek goes to Lake Berruessa

Going to Canyon Creek Resort south of Berruessa

Rural route 16 to Highway 20 through Coastal Mountains

Through shady small towns

Good name for a bar along this small highway

Many orchards too

Sharing the road

These are Olive Orchards

Hard at work in his field

Cache Creek

The road follows along Cache Creek

The sign is teasing us, we didn't see any

They have logging here also

Cleaning the brush from the roadside

From Winters we traveled along Clear Lake

Lovely small lake towns along Clear Lake, CA

We encountered this cute "round about" in the middle of no where

We saw a few Indian Casinos

Oops, almost missed these bison

Bison through dirty windows and light glare

Don't pay any attention to the map on the homepage for today's trip, it's just a straight line on the map. Our trip today was all over the map.

We took off to the northeast so we could drive around the east side of the San Francisco Bay and then to head northeast of Napa. We were going to the town of Winters to stay at one of our ROD RV Resorts.

Our GPS wanted to take us way east to Interstate 5 and add several hours to our trip. We checked the settings and found that we had checked "avoid tolls". We changed that and took Highway 680 past San Jose and over the Benicia Bridge.

Since the last time we crossed here, they have imposed tolls on all the bridges over the SF Bay (have to pay for the retrofits). It cost us $25 to cross the bridge, $5 per axle compared to driving 2.5 hours extra out of the way plus diesel for that travel time.

We took I-80, then smaller highway 505 to 128, a small road. We arrived at Canyon Creek RV Park and found it to be nothing like it looked in the ROD Resort Book. Bad - no cell coverage, pay wifi, no sewer, narrow small sites, no satellite due to tall trees, 30 amp during hot weather, etc.

We left driving back to Highway 505 and stopped for lunch. After checking for another park and seeing how far the Ukiah Elks would be, we headed up Hwy 16 then west on Hwy 20. It was a lovely drive through the Coastal Mountains. There were orchards, produce, ranches and small lake towns along the north side of Clear Lake, CA.

We finally found Highway 101 again, and settled into the Ukiah Elks Lodge for the night.

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