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For those who love to see the big ships, this is certainly a fun place to watch. What surprises me is how very quietly they skim by. Often I just happen to look out the window and there goes a ship!!! That's what just happened with the Summertime Dream. We'd been watching it make its way down river from the confluence of the Willamette River with the Columbia at Portland. By "watching it", I mean using the website called www.marinetraffic.com. We can read the name of the ship, how fast it is moving, where its last and next ports of call will be. The details tell from which country it hails. The only interesting thing the website does not tell us is what the vessel is carrying.

Anyway, we were peering over the details of the Summertime Dream, expecting it to pass fairly soon, and then I looked up and there it was. By the time I grabbed the camera and ran outside, I had already missed part of the ship with the vehicles of others camping in this RV park.

I can't wait until that giant blue one comes by again....the one I saw on the first afternoon here, whose height in the water obliterated the tops of the hills across the river! As the lady in the office said, it truly is a "moving mountain".

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