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Kitchen with new curtains

Close up of curtains

Closed curtains


Peter decided he did not like the valance covering his view in the front kitchen window. I did not like the pull down blind. I kept fighting with it every morning to get it to go up again! Very frustrating. So, we took it off and I sewed a new curtain. Got the material from IKEA in the as is section. It was a couch cover on sale for $5.00. A pretty good deal. I have enough material left over to cover the throw cushions in the living room.

We had a couple of issues with this window. The wall is angled out, which makes it touch to have curtains hanging down without landing in the sink. I decided to put a curtain rod at the top and bottom of the window. The the curtain hooks also in the top and bottom. Now the curtain stays against the window. Problem solved.

Next issue is the water still has a bit of the winter anti-freeze taste. We flushed it out again and it is still there. Got an idea today that we need to flush out the water heater too. Guess the stuff got in there! Will try this next time we are both off together. Meanwhile we drink water from the 8 litre water jug that we fill from the outside campground tap.

Also realized that our furnace stopped working. The fan comes on, but no heat. Contacted a local RV repairman and he will check it out in the next week. Fingers crossed that it will not be the furnace itself....that can get pretty costly. We know since we replaced it in the other trailer. He thinks it might be a minor switch....hopefully.

Well, that's about all for now. Hope everyone is well and happy. Take care, Peter & Connie

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