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Little friend along for the ride--he eventually moved to my pocket

You mustn't step on one of these

Friends for the adventure

Ay mami que calor!

Charlie here--It has been an interesting ride for me just to get here. I came from Novato to Turrialba and Tuis via Philadelphia, New York, Panama City, and San Jose, CR. Philly was work, but in NY, I had the chance to have sushi dinner with my beloved cousin Camille the dentist in Manhattan. Parking was a nightmare!

Yesterday when I was about to put my shorts on, like any other person would (one leg at a time), I found a little friend who had latched onto my shorts--a little brown scorpion. I've been told not to worry about the big ones--it is the little ones you have to watch out for. I wondered for the longest time how little it had to be for me to worry! I tried shaking him off--no dice. I tried flicking him off--he only dug his legs in deeper into the fabric of my shorts. How was I to get this little guy off my clothes??

Ali to the rescue--she found a pair of tongs in the kitchen. But this little critter would not come off--he dug in more and started attacking the tongs with his stinger--even while being overwhelmed by the tongs! Talk about the will to fight! We finally got him off and let him go in the grass--good riddance! Note to self: make sure to check all clothing and boots before putting them on.

The beach here (Playa Buena Vista, near Sámara, in the Nicoya peninsula) is very rugged, but beautiful. Mel Gibson supposedly owns land here, but he didn't come by to hang out--I wonder why?

Anyway, neat place...

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