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Be careful what you say! Charlie confidently told someone, "getting there is half the fun!". Yesterday we said our goodbyes in Tuis and headed for the Pacific Coast. The weather was lovely, but we saw for ourselves the destruction caused by the relentless storms. There were lots of landslides and roads had been washed away. Thus, there were many times we had to wait while one side of the road passed at a time. Halfway through our trip, we stopped for lunch and a tour of some waterfalls and gardens. Back on our way, we continued to experience delays due to the storms. We were treated to a beautiful sunset set and electrical storms that lit up the sky. As we drove on, in the dark, the adventure became not so fun. Roads here are not named, and signage is not the best. We finally made it into the town of Samara, but needed to find our hotel near Buena Vista beach. Charlie finally relented and asked directions, which were a little sketchy, but it's an adventure, right? We headed back up the hill and turned left, at what seemed to be 200 meters from the gas station. It was a dirt road full of potholes and muddy. It was pitch black and all we could see was in front of our headlights. The kids will tell you it seemed like something out of Indiana Jones. After a few miles of wondering if we were going the right way, we saw another car and stopped to confirm we were heading the right direction, which we were. Finally, after which seemed like a long way of driving into an abyss, we arrived at our hotel. Our hotel is run by an interesting German man who has lived here for over 20 years. Except for us, all the other guests are European. It's a simple, yet lovely Spanish style hotel, with a restaurant and pool. The beach is within walking distance. We enjoyed sleeping in and going to the pool today. Probably more of the same tomorrow.

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