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So the sun finally came out this afternoon after four days of rain. Apparently, this is the rainiest summer Bavaria has seen in 50 years. We tried to make the most of our time here despite the conditions. On Monday we went to the BMW complex near the Olympiazentrum (from when Munchen hosted the games in '72) hoping to catch the factory tour but all spots were taken, and we settled for the small museum exhibit which was pretty cool - lots of old cars and motorcycles in beautiful condition - and for just 1.50€. That night we went to the world-famous Hofbruhaus, one of Munchen's last remaining true beer gardens. It was a blast (understatement). The place is huge, and even on a Monday we had to wait about 20 minutes to find a spot to sit. We sat at a table with two Canadian guys, two Italian guys, and an old man from San Diego named Richard. Old does not mean 45 - he was in WWII!! He had so much good energy and everyone at the table loved him. We kept toasting him, every few minutes. If one doesn't toast every few minutes one probably wouldn't finish the one litre beer glass they serve. An Israeli gril and an Aussie girl joined us as well - Richard took about five photos with them. He said he had been there five times over the years and this was the best table by far. We believe it - everyone was a lot of fun and had really good vibes. The whole place was full of people living it up, there was an oompah band playing and we danced with a bunch of strangers.

Yesterday we went to the Stadtmuseum, and saw many exhibits: photos by Regina Relang, historical maps, old dresses and jewelry, and lots of scary puppets. It was quite an eclectic place. Then we went to an English cinema and saw a pretty dumb movie - The Island. But it felt soooo good to go to the movies on a rainy day. They served Ben&Jerry's, popcorn that you could get either salty or sweet, and beer. We each got a beverage and a snack for only 8€ - beats the States for sure.

Today we went to the Neue Pinokothek (new art museum) and saw many works from the last couple of centuries, including some Manet and Van Gogh. We were given English language headsets for free, so we actually learned a bit. The sun was out when we left the museum, and we walked to the Englischer (English garden - the largest urban park in all of Europe) to enjoy it. The few folks on the Nudist Meadow were unimpressive from afar, so we were not tempted to venture any closer.

Tomorrow morning we'll visit the Dachau concentration camp, which we are sure will be very hard to see but know will be worthwhile. In the afternoon we'll join Mike's Bike Tours, who we went on a tour with in Amsterdam and had a great time.

On Friday it's off to Salzburg.

Auf wiedersen!!

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