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Go Germany!


Emi- go Germany!

It stormed all night long again on Friday. Saturday, we walked to the bus station and met some fellow students to go into Turrialba to walk around and watch people. The rain finally let up as we got off the bus and it only lightly rained the rest of the day. Turrialba is the biggest city closest to our town. It's about 45 minutes by bus. Not much to see or do but we were all grateful to get out and walk around.

It rained all night Saturday night and cleared in time for us to walk to church. Brilliant sunshine! So thankful our laundry will finally dry!

Rice and beans and tasty things? Yesterday we were talking and the girls told me I am not allowed to make rice and beans for a very long time! We literally have white rice and a can of black beans at EVERY meal except breakfast. We are a bit jealous of the other students that speak about the flavorful meals they have. About three times a week we are served mystery meat shaped into small patties and fried in oil. It's quite suspicious and my stomach always complains fiercely that night. I'm too scared to ask what it is. In my mind I am better off not knowing. Our attitudes remind me of the Israelites and the manna from heaven. They too got tired of eating the same thing everyday and began to grumble, rather than remember to be thankful for the food that has been provided each.

Dry clothes- we are so thankful to see the sun because it means our laundry will dry! The torrential storms have prevented our laundry from drying. I was literally down to my last clean shirt and thought I'd either have to wear it over and over again, or wear something wet. Here the sun not only changes our attitudes but our odor as well!

Hope everyone is well! We miss you! Can't wait to see Charlie on Thursday!!

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