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Cleaning bike

Settling down with our new home. Everything's unpacked. Still love the extra space!

Finally got Peter to take his bike in and get the derailleur fixed. Then he came home and cleaned off some of the rust. Once it was presentable enough (according to Peter) to ride, I dragged him out for a 4.2 km ride. Had a little hill along the way that he decided to walk up. Got 1/3 of the way and he was turning back, I convinced him to keep going. It really didn't hurt him!

Today I said we were going again. He was not happy! LOL. But, I found a 2.5 km ride and he decided to go along. However, there were two little hills along this route.....once again he walked up. But that's ok. It is a start and we are getting some exercise.

Mind you, today Campbell River broke a heat record. We reached 32 degrees. Peter figured it was too hot to ride. I told him that waiting till 4:30 meant it was much cooler. We had our water along and once again he did survive.....

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping cool. Take care, your friends, Peter & Connie

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