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salt flats and mountains ...nothing else

lonely grave from 1914

ghost town of Berlin

deserted town..almost

we toured old gold mine

Ok one of the best days of trip ...totally winged it...if you know me ..spontenaity is rare... but here is the adventure.

So we already delayed the Ruby mountains...as we were leaving Reno I saw on my atlas the Hwy 50 alt...dubbed the loneliest highway in America... AAA in 1986 said to avoid... So they changed all that by making a survival guide you get stamped in each of the five towns thru Nevada... plus the road follows the pony express path ..

So as I was learning all this in the car today ...We scrubbed our plans, cancelled our camp...no idea where we would end up and hopped on Hwy 50

So fun...We enjoyed great drive through middle of nowhere, ghost town side trecks, tiny towns, a real old gold mine tour...yes this was authentic 80 miles from nowhere, saw a strip copper mine and Teresa loved all the old stuff....loaded with history if you like that kind

We then realized at the end of Nevada on 50 is a national park we overlooked..Great Basin

So we are camping here ...beautiful view of mountains...

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