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Up early this morning, we are planning on this day to go from Ashland, OR to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA. We will packed up and rolling at 7 AM with a big climb to start the day, there is a high pass that you go over between Oregon and California. Yesterday and then again today I changed how I drive the RV, I have cut back the speed on freeways from 61-62 to 56-57 mph. This is only 5 mph, but it makes such a big difference in the drive. It seems that the motorhome handles a little better, and I am more relaxed while driving. So what if every car and truck passes me by, except for the hippies in the VW bus. At the same time I checked how the fuel mileage was, and was surprised to find that I was getting about 10 miles per gallon, which is great for a diesel pusher this size. Had a nice pleasant drive down to the Travis area, so pleasant that we decided to skip it and continue on home. What a mistake. About as soon as we got past Travis the traffic increased, the wind started blowing and I started to get tired. I had already been driving for 6 hours and we were adding another 3 to 4. Oh well, it was a nice, sunny and warm day so why not enjoy it. We had a couple of slow downs, but they seemed to clear up fairly quickly. When we got to Prunedale we could tell that we were getting close to home, we could see the fog bank over the hills. And as normal, when we got in the Monterey area it was covered in fog. We headed straight to the Fort Ord RV storage area to park the RV and then load just what we needed and all of the refrigeration stuff into the Honda to take it home. The storage area is on top of a hill and I could look over to the Salinas area and see that it was clear, sunny and warm. I then turned to look at Marina and it was foggy and cold. When we got home we just took the refrigerator stuff inside and then spent a little time with Squirt, who we had really missed.

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