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We are starting to get into a rhythm here. We are woken up each morning about 4:00 am to the beautiful music of roosters crowing, dogs barking, cats meowing and people getting ready for work. We actually get out of bed about 6:25 am. By 6:45 am, we are having breakfast. Breakfast here is very different for us. Traditional breakfasts include, something akin to a banana pancake (but completely different), empenadas of black beans, cheese or potatoes, or ham sandwiches. There is always fresh fruit- papaya mango, banana, apple, guava or pineapple. We also get a glass of fresh fruit juice.

After about a 10 minute walk on a gravel and dirt road, we arrive at school. We always arrive early so that we can skype Charlie if he is available and check email. We are in class from 8:00-12:00. We have homework each night. Last night I had to write about our 4th of July traditions. Today I had to speak in front of the whole school. I don't like to do that even in English, so a good experience for me. This weekend I have to plan a lesson for kids with activities and songs on obedience. I will be stretched to say the least! Emilia is enjoying playing games as she learns Spanish. Rebecca just wrote a very short story about a whale. Today we said goodbye to 2 families. Our group will be very small this next week.

We eat lunch at school with the other students. Lunch is often "American" food with a Costa Rican twist. After lunch we've been hanging out at school doing other activities or using the internet. Yesterday we watched the U.S. lose in soccer.

Dinner is at 6:30 pm back at our house. We eat a typical dinner with rice (always rice!) and beans or albondigas (meatball) soup. There is always a typical salad as well.

At night we hang out in our casita doing homework, reading or playing cards.

Prayer requests: healing for Emilia's leg and protection against infection.

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