2014 Alaska Trip travel blog

Canada geese were all over the park in the morning

Yup, heading right into that mess

Lunch stop at Frazee Minnesota

The winds were so bad, irrigation ponds and larger bodies of water...

Driving out of the storm front

Sophie taking refuge. She doesn't like the wind flapping the slide toppers...

Lots of rain overnight. Forgot to change our clocks. Ended up, we were on the road by 5 to 7. Drove into another storm front. Coming out of that, we battled strong cross winds most of the morning. After lunch, head winds and cross winds the rest of the day.

Long driving day. Pulled into the Bismarck KOA just after 4 without a reservation and got an overfill site. It's 9:30 (still daylight)and the flags are straight out with the wind. Shorter travel day tomorrow to Billings Montana. Be nice if the weather cooperated.

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