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Connie 30 years ago

Peter 30 years ago

Peter and I in 2014

Our first home together

Hi Friends

On this day, 30 years ago, Peter and I moved in together. We moved to Uncle Bill Stauffer's home. The old homestead on the farm that Pauline & Edgar farmed.

The house was 20x20 and had a trap door leading down to the basement where the girls had their room. We had a lots of fun time living there. Many times we have regretted moving away. But, the past is done and we live with our choices.

We are so lucky to still have so many wonderful friends living in Alberta who we visit and who visit us here in Campbell River.

Posted photos of Peter and I from back in 1984. Also the photo of our first home together. The house is on the bottom right side of the photo. Plus a photo of Peter and I from just a few months ago. Many, many years older and hopefully wiser in some ways! LOL.

Update.... I did not get my electric scooter bike. They were not in stock yet. Still on the ship waiting to arrive. Instead, we paid some bills....hate being sensible! Plus we purchased a new Acacia wood gable leg patio set and a new print, scan, copy printer. Looking into a new laptop as well. Might wait a bit for that one... Time will tell. If all goes well Connie will end up,with a scooter and laptop!

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Take care,

Peter & Connie

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