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The head of the falls

Unique safety fence, seems the post grew and encased the rails

Comboyne murials

actually quite a nice little Cafe

Obviously used to be a Bakery

a happy crowd waiting for their lunch

View from the falls...

Comboyne and the Bridal Veil falls....

It was udder chaos, you need to be Edmund Hillary to get in to see the falls and try as I may I could not get close and the leaf litter underfoot only added to the excitement. Common sense prevailed and tactical retreat ensued back to the Black Udder Cafe for luncheon. Comboyne is a pretty little town high above the coastal plane and for some reason I got the impression that dairy cows were the animal of choice there now.

The drive up from Kew was quite scenic and though there is around 20km of unsealed road it had just been graded and had not settled down so was dusty, it would have been an exciting drive had the surface been wet.

The girl who served lunch said there had not been any rain so we chose to drive back via Wauchope where Timbertown still battles on rather than return via Ellenborough Falls and the town west of Taree that I can't recall the name of.

But the most humorous event of the day was Gracie getting “dumped” in the surf. She was playing her usual game of rescue the drowning stick and in the process of running out to get the stick she fell into a hole in the sand, went base over apex at the same time as a wave rolled over her causing her to roll over a few times. When she recovered her composure I got the look of “Why did you do that?” But she went back for more until she finally tired and came ashore to sniff every grain of sand on the beach....

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