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On the road this morning. There's a few bikes around already!

I love the many unique rock formations in the area...

I like this bridge!

Isn't it lovely? So green!

It gets flat very quickly when you drop out of the Black...

Two bucks stopped to check us out when we arrived back in...

This is the second one. Saw about 40 'doe deer' on our...

It's been a pretty laid back couple of days. We've had to change a few of our plans as we've been getting regular rain showers. Sunday it rained most of the day, so we stayed in and watched '24' until it was time to head over to Dick & Lou's for dinner & a game of Hand & Foot (cards). Yesterday we had showers on & off again so we caught up on our computer 'stuff' & email's and then I finished a book I've been reading. It's been nice to read again, it's been too long. The problem is once I get started I find it difficult to put it down.

This morning my cousins Wayne & Judy stopped by for a short visit. They are currently workamping in Custer State Park & enjoying it very much. It was good to see them, but unfortunately, they arrived just as we were heading out the door for Rapid City, so our visit was cut short. Fortunately, they will be in the Hills for 7 more weeks, so we made plans to get together again very soon.

It was a lovely drive today, everything is so green. Blue skies, puffy clouds, light traffic, beautiful scenery. What more can a girl ask for??? How about a great matinee flick? The 'Jersey Boys', directed & produced by Clint Eastwood fit the bill! A big thumbs up from us. Wow, they covered a lot of ground in 2 hours. Other than Christopher Walken we didn't know any of the actors. But they all did a great job. Good acting, great music!

An early bird dinner at Golden Corral, (very good by the way!) a haircut for Larry & an expensive trip to Wal-Mart rounded out the day. I swear, we can find more 'needed items' every time we walk through their door, even when we come with a list! All I can say is we are set for the next 3-4 weeks so that is a plus. I hate going to this particular store, it's always very crowded handling the summer traffic. They opened a second location but it hasn't seemed to help much.

Well, that's about it for now. We're pretty much settled in & looking forward to sunny skies & warmer temps in the coming weeks so we can get out on some of the nearby pretty lakes. If you find yourself in our area, give us a call. We'd love to see you :)

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