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A pretty sunset through our awning & the trees behind us the...

This museum has wonderful stuff :) Note the bison out front.

A closer look....They are on every corner downtown.

Another one further down the street....Each year 4 life sized buffalo are...

This is my favorite! Absolutely stunning :)

A closer shot...

A little artist info for you :)

Larry & Onyx enjoying the music...

He & Peggy were invited 'onstage' to share their 'yipping' once again....

We're getting a little more done each day toward settling in. Each year the rain takes more of the ground away from what we like to call our 'front porch'. And this year it had a pretty good 'dip' in it when we arrived. Paul had an order in for some dirt/gravel, so we waited a few days for it to arrive before doing much. Anyway, it arrived and we got 3 bobcat buckets 'dumped' and leveled out....Yay! Now we won't have a small lake out our front door when it storms :)

So, the awning, lights, rug, swing, wind chimes etc. etc. etc. are all out & it feels more like home. Our buddies Tim & Crystal gifted us with a large sunscreen & we'll be installing that shortly. Need a couple of more hooks first so I'll post pics as soon as it's done. We've never had a screen before, looking forward to it. Our buddies Dick & Lou have one up and it really helps keep the sun, rain & hail away from the front door. And gives a bit of privacy as well.

We haven't done much sight-seeing yet but we will. It's been good to just relax and enjoy this beautiful weather. We've attended several 'music events', always enjoy that. Our buddies, the Ramblin' Rangers are going out of town for 5 weeks, so we've attended everywhere they've been performing before they go. They are attending a class reunion & a family reunion as well. They will be sorely missed but we're happy for them. Brad is going to ride a bike about 1100 miles on their trip. And no, I don't mean a Harley. A bicycle! Bonnie will ride a good part of that as well. Oh my, I can't even imagine that. :)

It's been fun to catch us with all our 'local' friends. We're invited to a 4th of July party and we've got friends & family arriving in the Hills in the coming weeks. My cousins, Wayne & Judy are camp hosting in Custer State Park at the Game Lodge and we're looking forward to catching up with them. Of course, we'll be going to Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave & doing the 3 major driving loops in the coming days. And it's warming up enough to get the boat & fishing poles out. As you probably already know, we are very fair weather fishermen! so, stay tuned. Lot's of scenery, hikes and animal posts coming soon :)

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