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Walk around queen size bed!

Living room

Dining and kitchen

The Salem sold last week.

Thanos 3 today


Thanos and Nasia

Jon's 3 - Jared, Jeannette, Jordan

Angela, Scott, Anika, Brody


Tanya & Anestis

Dee, Colin, Robin, Al, Peter & I on Peter's 75 birthday in...

A very old photo of Jon and Erin with grandma Stauffer...

Hi Friends!

Sold the Salem last week. It went for a very low $$$. But it needed some work so we felt it was only fair. Tonight they came to pick it up. I felt kind of sad to see it go. We spent 9 years in that home. A long time. But, we are so very happy with our new home. A queen size walk around bed. Large living area. So many extras we did not expect to get for the price we were willing to pay. We are so very very happy.

The other photo above of our grandson Thanos on his third birthday today. He is playing with his new fold up carry along race track and hot wheels that his Oma sewed for him. So glad he liked it. It took a bit of time, some of it was hand sewn! But well worth seeing him enjoy it.

Also including photos of our grand kids. Dee and Robin did not have kids. Erin has a daughter we have not met. We have not seen Erin since she was in her teens. Jon has three kids. Jared, Jeannette, Jordan. I found photos of them on Facebook. Hoping one day their Mom, Jon's ex will allow Jon's family to meet the kids. Angela and hubby Scott have two kids, Anika who turned 18 this year. Yes I am actually old enough to have a grand daughter that age! Then there is Brody, who turns 13 in September. Tanya has Bailey who will be 14 and her three youngest with hubby Anestis. Thanos is three today. His sister Nasia will be two in August. Their baby brother Valanti was born March 25 this year. A good group of grand kids. They are all so wonderful....just so far away. We love it here in BC but some days I really do miss having the kids and grand kids nearby.

Oh does go on. Hope everyone is happy, healthy and well. Till next time, Peter & Connie

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