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Australian Motorhomes park


The recreational lake

Of on a nature ramble

Australian Motorhomes park...


The recreational lake

Off on a nature ramble

Gracie somewhat bemused by all the fluffy dog toys...

A very nice drive to Twelve Mile Creek today via the Bylong Valley Way. Had the weather been more tolerable we would have stopped to take some pictures..... From what we could see from the comfort of our air-conditioned cabin the scenery is quite breathtaking, though everyone raves about the free-camp at Bylong Village I didn’t think it was that spectacular and I’m glad we stopped at Rylstone...

Once onto the Golden Hwy which is joined near Sandy Hollow the road straightens out a bit then near a town in the Hunter the name of which eludes me you are diverted onto the Hunter Expressway and eventually after avoiding innumerable traffic lights and mediocre roads you arrive at the large roundabout at the end of the F3. It amazed me how much fuel economy improved on the better well laid out road, dropped from 19L/100km to 14kL/100k and I was driving at around the same speed if not faster. That debunks the hypothesis that you save fuel by driving slower.... I think a lot of it has to do with how many times you change gear on “scenic” roads....

We are at the Australian Motor Homes Van Park now for the evening, its located about 500m north of Bucketts Way, when we leave we have to drive south and U turn at Bucketts Way....

After we set up the van we embarked on a 1.5km bush walk, I'm glad it was cold otherwise we would not have had to walk; the Mozzies would have carried us. There is a mirror along the path and Gracie spotted herself in it; well it was one of those moments a movie camera would have come in handy to record her antics, her hackles were up and she went in for the kill and just could not understand why the other dog was doing exactly what she was doing. She was ok when she checked out behind the mirror.... All along the path the “management” have placed stuffed toys in the trees with some rather amusing signage. Back at the van I extracted the chairs for a cuppa then the weather closed I so a retreat to the van was in order.... We will surface in the morning to move on further North.....

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