Today is Saturday June 14 and Ross and Marge arrived in Bismarck, North Dakota around noon time on Friday after leaving Casselton, North Dakota at about 0900 Friday morning. Friday morning Ross went on his morning three mile walk and he enjoyed the walk as the weather was cool and the wind was only a slight breeze. After breakfast and showering Ross & Marge got the rig ready for the days drive.

They left the campground and headed for the highway where they found the road surface to be in very good condition and the wind was still only a very light breeze. However, less than fifty miles from Casselton the wind started to pick up and in no time the wind was as strong, if not stronger, than the previous day only this time the wind was from the southeast instead of northwest. The highway remained good for most of the days run with only a few sections that were no better than fair.

The scenery today was once again primarily farming and ranching with huge fields of corn and wheat that were recently planted. The sky was a mix of sun and overcast and what neither Ross nor Marge realized was that they were heading into the area where their useless President was visiting. Fortunately they arrived in Bismarck before the President returned to the airport so they had no really heavy traffic to contend with. However, they were surprised that the campground was almost full and as they were signing in the manager told one of their employees to go find the "No Vacancy" sign and place it near the park entrance.

This morning Ross went on his morning walk and as he returned to the campground he noticed that the sky was pretty black to west. It is now 1015 and there are a few drops of rain on the windshield but it seems that the weather is going to turn much worse because their TV is on and the satellite signal is occasionally fading in and out which usually means some heavy weather is moving in.

Tomorrow they will leave in the morning and head for the Montana and North Dakota border and they hope to camp someplace close to the border.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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