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How we originally saw the mountain and snow the first week in...

How it looked after 10 days when we left.

The reverse side from up at Crater Lake

The new toolbox

Trailer hitch (foreground) and toolbox (under window)

Dan's bike

Requested photo information:

I was asked about the “Flying Eagle-Flying Angel” image legend about the ability to predict the arrival of the fish with the arrival of the images. So I have compiled the several pictures I have of Mt. McLaughlin. The photo which best shows the image was taken, upon request, on the road as we moved from Shady Cove to our next “home for the week” in Westfir near Oakridge, southeast of Eugene, OR on Hwy 58.

Look for the three snow stripes going down the side of the mountain in the center of our view. The two on the left appear to merge, making a narrow V shape. Imagine those are the eagles wings in flight. The body is at the bottom of the V. You can even imagine talons hanging down ready to catch a fish.

Also, an update:

Earlier I had said that while in the Medford area we intended to do some shopping, for bikes, mud-flaps and “tool box” for the truck, and replacement or repair of my “Miss Mini” computer. We partially completed the shopping. We bought and assembled a hybrid bike for Dan which we bought at a super price at Costco. They didn’t have the size I needed, so it is on order through Dick’s Sports Equipment store in Eugene. When it arrives there, we will have them assemble that bike and also give Dan’s bike a final “tune-up” of the gears.

We bought and had installed the large metal tool box, replacing the big blue plastic tub from our garage which we’ve had locked/tied into the truck with bike lock cables for this year and a half of living in our fifth wheel. We also had mud-flaps installed to keep mud and debris off the chrome side rail steps (from the front tires) and off the trailer (from the back tires).

Until we get another computer for me, Dan and I will be sharing his computer, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to keep this journal updated in a timely manner.

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