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I did not blog yesterday as it was a bit uneventful. We were more than ready to leave New York and head over to New Orleans. We were severely delayed in getting to New Orleans but we are here now! After having dinner, we walked around a bit and then headed back to the hotel.

Today we scheduled two tours. BUT, the very first thing we did was head over to Café Du Monde for a breakfast of beignets which were as delicious as I remember them to be! I have to tell you that even more spectacular than the beignets is their coffee. It is the second best coffee I have ever had in my life, second to Paris!

Our first tour was the city tour. My mom and I had done this last time, so I thought it would be repetitive; however, it certainly was not. They had incorporated a lot of Katrina’s devastation. It is so sad that nine years later there is still so much of the area that has not been rebuilt. In fact, the tour guide said that Bourbon Street (where we are staying) just recently really got cleaned up. I could not believe the number of abandoned and dilapidated houses we saw. In fact many of the homes still had the markings of Katrina. For instance each house was searched and marked on the outside as to whether it had been searched for survivors. These markings are still visible on many of the houses today. It really was super sad. We however did see many other wonderful sites (such as the cemeteries) and I am glad that we took this tour.

We went to lunch but first had asked about 50 people about where to get alligator nuggets – YES, I SAID ALLIGATOR NUGGETS!!! Katrina wanted to try them so badly because she has a friend that has family in the South that she sees every summer, and ALWAYS talks about them. So pretty much each and every person said to go to Huck Finn. She ordered them and actually liked them!! I LOVE that my daughter is NOTHING like me in her adventurous nature in all things (especially food)! Mom ended up trying them too but I could not bring myself to put one in my mouth!!

Later, we took an evening “Ghost Tour”. Mom was pretty annoyed that we were doing this because she was worried about Katrina. It was, however, Katrina that wanted to do this tour. The tour was pretty cool and we learned a lot about the people that suffered tragedies that are still believed to be “hanging around”. During this tour (and the other) I learned one of the most interesting facts. During slavery, New Orleans was one of the only places where they had laws in humanity towards the slaves. In fact, they had days off and could even buy their freedom. While slavery was of course hideous, it shocked me to know they did not suffer as greatly in this area to the degree they did in other areas of our Country.

We then had dinner and came back to the hotel where we sat around the pool for a bit. We are closing out the night in the hopes of getting some much needed sleep. Tomorrow is our final tour and the one I loved the most the last time I was here – the swamp tour.

Good night all – I miss you tons and hope I am not boring you with this blog! xoxoxo

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