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Poetry on a Plate. Kidman Pk, Bourke

Poetry on a Plate. "The Poet"

Lightning Ridge Miners

The Sculptor at the Chamber of Black Hand

The Politician sculptures

Scenes around Lightning Ridge

Scenes around Lightning Ridge

Scenes around Lightning Ridge

Scenes around Lightning Ridge

Enjoying ourselves in the Artesian Pool

The 1st fish Ann caught at Brewarrinna

Brewarrinna camp site

Wier on the Darling River

The "Award Winning Pieshop"

The Crossley Engine in Bourke

Sorry if some photos don't match the text. I took the opportunity of downloading some from Ann's camera today.

Before we left Bourke Ann & Di went to the outback show while Harry & I tried out the "Award Winning Bakery" pies. (should have been here Scotty)

Then we went and saw the Crossley Engine.

It started it's life at the Sydney Power House in 1923. From 1964 it just sat out in a paddock in Narromine.

It was donated to the Bourke Shire Council in 2001 and was restored to working condition in 2002.


Twin cylinder, four stroke, water cooled, fuel oil engine. (now runs on Diesel).

6 ton flywheel

Compressed air start

138 brake horsepower at 260RPM (they only run it at 150RPM now)

Bore: 12 1/2 inches. 31.25cm.

Stroke: 21 inches. 52.5cm.

Cylinder capacity: 3281 cu ins. 54272 cu cm. 108.6 litres.

And you can hardly hear it while it is running. A great piece of engineering.

From there when the girls caught up with us, we took them to the Award Winning Bakery (taking note of this Scotty?) for pies, custard tarts and coffee.

Brownie points on, and then brownie points off, because we'd been there before.

Shit happens, eh?

Have spoken to T'Ann today and wished her happy Birthday.

On the way here to Charleville yesterday, the outer door of the c/van broke open and was damaged. (bloody rough roads) I will have to screw the outer door to the inner to make it secure. Duct tape has held it for now and will probably have to wait until we get home to have it repaired.

We did a town tour this morning, very informative. They (Qld Gvmnt) have spent $21 million on a flood mitigation scheme to help lessen the flood problem. The locals are waiting for what they call the double flood to happen before they cast an opinion.

Tonight Di & I are going to the Cosmos Centre to stargaze.

Tomorrow we are going to the same place to look at the sun at 10.00am, and a Bilby tour at 6.00pm.

At this stage, I think we are leaving here for Barkaldine on Sat. Will arrive there on Sun and Ann & Harry are doing an all day tour on Monday.

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