Today Ross & Marge left Chippewa, Wisconsin around 0830 and headed for Clearwater, Minnesota, a distance of about 158 miles. The weather was great with clear skies and no heavy winds. Traffic was light and the roads were fair with a few a exceptions where the road surface was rough and at times reaching to California standards for rough roads.

They bypassed the St. Paul/Minneapolis area using I 694. They arrived in Clearwater, Minnesota around 1130. Approximately 23 miles east of the campground in Clearwater they passed a huge outlet shopping mall and Marge wanted return to the shopping center to see if she could find the clothing that carries a sun block rating. As we were signing in at the campground Marge asked if they had any information on the outlet mall and they did. As she glanced over the brochure for the mall she noticed that Columbia Sportswear had a store in the mall and that was of importance to her because she had gone online and found that Columbia Clothing is a manufacturer of the sun block rated clothing.

After lunch they drove to the Columbia store at the outlet and sure enough they had a great deal of the sun block clothing and it was on sale. It took her about an hour to fit and choose what pieces of clothing she wanted and afterwards Ross went to the shoe store in the mall and purchased a new pair walking sneakers and a new pair of slip on clogs.

Tonight the weather seems to be deteriorating. There have been a few rain drops hit the windshield and the temperature has dropped several degrees, the sky has clouded over, and the wind has picked up. The weather forecaster on the TV did show that some heavy weather and storm warnings are being broadcast for western Minnesota and guess where Ross & Marge are camped. Rather than guess just look at the map on the website.

Ross had written two emails to a campground in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada and never got a response. After lunch Ross called the Kamloops Campground and was able to make reservations for the Canada Day and July 4th holidays that are always difficult to cover with reservations, particularly when the holidays are this close.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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