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Out for a bite to eat at La Fiesta, good food &...

The trains come right over by Mom's house several times a day....

Our friend Kelvin. Nice of him to give Larry the 'tour'...

Larry liked the interior of this car, especially the lights :)

I'm ready for a return visit to Hawaii!!!!

Guess we'll settle for Custer for now! :)

Decided I'd better put up a short post after a couple of nice inquiries from our readers wondering if 'we were okay?'It's nice to know some of you are still out there checking in on us :)

We'd planned to head out last week but 'things' kept getting in the way. We did manage to go through just about everything we have 'in storage' here at Mom's. We didn't get rid of much but it is certainly better organized. And we got a kick out of looking at almost 30 years of photos. Boy, have we changed! Makes me a bit sad, wish I could do a bunch of it all over again. And have the smarts I have now to do the 'do-over' with, lol! Especially all of our trips to Hawaii. Really miss those islands :)

On the plus side, we are now members of the Elks, we voted, we registered both the 5'er & the truck & paid our insurance premiums. All of our mail, including several packages, arrived in a timely manner. I had a physical with a 'new to me' doctor. She's actually Mom's doctor & I've met her several times in the past. She's very thorough & personable so I am a happy camper. And, they were having a Health Fair here at the Convention Center so I was able to have extensive blood work done for $62.50 with no insurance involved! Won't get those results back for a couple of weeks but that's ok. I got my one perscription refill for the year and that's all I needed. I'm on a low dose BP med & the rest of my 'meds' are nutritional supplements. I am truly blessed with good health, as is Larry.

Hubby has been busy doing lot's of 'stuff' for Mom including installing her AC, uncovering & getting her swamp cooler going, repairing window coverings, yard work & the list goes on. We also tried to give her home a good cleaning before heading out & got most all of it done by late today. Larry also washed the truck, repacked our basement & helped me empty out our home so I could clean all of our carpeting. Whew, are you tired yet??? We are :)

We didn't get much 'sight-seeing' done while here this trip, although Mom's neighbor Kelvin did take Larry down to the train yard. Kelvin is an engineer on the train & has lived here his entire life. Larry was fascinated with all of the 'behind-the-scene' stuff he learned & had a great afternoon. Not sure why I didn't go too, I would have loved it as well. Guess it was a guy thing :)

Mom & I had one final lunch out together today, enjoying the local chinese restaurant. I like their Shrimp Lo-Mein with all the normal sides and it was nice to visit with Mom one-on-one before we head out in the morning. Yep, we're finally on our way to Custer, SD. I think we'll make Salt Lake City, Utah tomorrow, Wednesday, & stop there for the night. I want to stock up on a few things at Costco before we land for the summer. There is a Sam's Club in Rapid City, but no Costco & I'm stuck on a few of their branded items. We've had a nice visit but we're ready to move on now. You all know about hitch-itch, right???? LOL

And finally, I have to give big hugs & smooches to 3 of our granddaughter's! This past week Lily turned 8, Jasmine turned 6 and Maya turned 4!!! Can you believe it? We were good grandparents & spoke to each of them on their respective 'big day'....Sounds like they all had a great day with cake, balloons, family & friends. Nice :)

Well, thanks for checking in & I'll try to take a few pics as we make our way on down the road. And I'll post a short update as we move along as well. We really appreciate you dropping in and thanks again for your comments, we love hearing from you! Have a great day everyone....

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