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Mountain Scenery en route from Cuenca, Ecuador

En route to Watako Beach, Peru

Sunset at Watako Beach, Peru

Our dear Blue Footed Booby, Watako Beach, Peru

Tent at Watako Beach, Peru

Landscape near Mancora, Peru

Lynn swimming with turtles, near Mancora, Peru

Lynn and Izabela swimming with turtles, near Mancora, Peru

Turtle, near Mancora, Peru

Crab on wharf, near Mancora, Peru

View of bay, near Mancora, Peru

Tent with desert hills in background, Watako Beach, Peru

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Cuenca, Ecuador to Watako Beach, Peru (Punta Sal)

We left the hotel at around 7:30am today and drove south towards the Ecuador/Peru border We finally left the mountains and hopefully the rain behind. We drove through the banana region before leaving Ecuador and then the countryside dried out and became a desert down by the Pacific Coast. We reached the border at about 12:00 noon, completed our forms and were stamped into Peru. Shortly after lunch, we arrived at Tumbes, a historic town where Francisco Pizarro landed in Peru, changed money and bought some supplies. We then drove about another hour and a half after which we arrived at our stop for the next three nights, camping right on the beach at Wakato Beach, near the town of Cancas. This is a place that has shelters on the beach in addition to small bungalows, a pool and a restaurant/bar. The high barren dunes loom behind the road in front of the 'resort'. There are also 2 very friendly and well mannered cats living here and we enjoyed their company. We set up our tent (because there were no guests in the bungalows we were allowed to camp under the sun shelters) - it was blowing a gale and the tent was difficult to erect, but we finally managed once all of our bags were inside weighing it down and it was tied to the shelter supports. Had a drink in the tent then had dinner in the bar/restaurant cooked by Frank and Kirstin. Chatted around the table for a while and went to bed at around 9:45pm. The weather warmed up considerably and was about 32-33C and sunny this afternoon.

Wednesday 4th June 2014

Watako Beach, Peru

Up late today and had breakfast, then did some washing as it was fine and breezy - temperature about 32C today. There was a blue footed booby on the beach in front of Kim and Julie's tent that had been there since we arrived the day before. A beautiful creature! It must have flown or been blown off course. It just sat on the beach without moving much at all. Lynn took it a bowl of water in case it was thirsty and placed it right in front of it. When we next looked, it had stepped into the bowl and was sitting there with its feet in the water. Sadly, in the afternoon, it suddenly keeled over - dead. We buried it in the sand above high water and collected some stones, shells and feathers off the beach to decorate the grave. It was sad but we felt it had liked the feel of the water on its feet at the end. In the late afternoon we walked along the beach and Lynn walked a bit further than David, to a point where a number of birds were gathered. These turned out to be vultures feeding on a large dead sea turtle that had washed up. It seemed to be an area that the current washed up on, as there were a number of skeletons of pelicans and wading birds. We walked back to our tent on the sand, finding a number of dead seahorses as we walked. We then sat and read our books for a while, went and chatted to the other group members, had dinner cooked by Kim and Julie and then went to bed about 10:00pm. A very lazy day!

Thursday 5th June 2014

Watako Beach, Peru

After breakfast today we drove past Mancato (about 30km south of here) to a place where you can swim with sea turtles. Fishermen bring their catch to this port - there is a very long jetty there - and toss scraps into the water, which attracts the turtles (and hopefully not sharks...). You had to pay 5 sols (AUD$2) to use the jetty ladder if you wanted to swim and 2 sols to stand on the jetty and watch. Lynn and most of the others in our group went swimming and the turtles (up to about 5) swam all around them, sometimes touching them under the water - it was amazing. One swam so close to Lynn that its back feet touched her torso and a couple of others touched her with their shells. They were very large - maybe a metre shell length. We stayed there about an hour and a half then went back to our beach, stopping for an ice cream on the way. Three young American guys who were staying at our campsite also came with us on the truck to swim with the turtles. Lunch when we came back, did a bit of washing, then another walk along the beach accompanied by 3 enthusiastic dogs, had a drink at a local bar on the way and watched the sun get lower. Then we walked back, had a fish BBQ and salad dinner cooked by the camp restaurant and sat around chatting after dinner. to bed about 10:30pm. Today was fine, sunny and quite warm - about 33C.

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