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We made it to Angel Lake, Nevada.

That waterfall is much larger than what this picture would make you...

It is a little difficult to have a picnic at Angel Lake...

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The waterfall is much bigger than it looks on this video. We...

You know those moments when you say, “Enough is enough!”… I had one of those today. Allow me to explain…

The day started out fine. We took a nice walk this morning around the Wells City Park with the sun shining, a cool mountain breeze keeping the temps in the low 70’s, birds singing, flowers blooming… one of those mornings that makes one feel all is well with the world. After our park walk Willie and I wandered over to the post office, picked up our mail, stopped by the library for a visit, and then enjoyed a nice lunch. So far, so good, but what shall we do for the afternoon? Well, there have been lots of people tell us we should drive to Angel Lake. After all, Angel Lake is only 12 miles from where we are camped; it is a lovely day, why not?

Let me first say, before I go any further, when the locals speak of Angel Lake they don’t say “up to” Angel Lake, nor do I think of lakes being at the top of mountains. Doesn’t snow melt and form a lake at the bottom of a mountain? Okay… so on with our story…

I jumped in Goldie’s driver’s seat, Willis at my side, Blayde in his car seat and went merrily off, following the signs, on the Nevada Scenic Byway, towards Angel Lake. We had been told that this lake is glacier fed, so I knew as we drove closer to the snow capped mountain peaks that the water to this lake was coming from that snow. I did not fully comprehend that we would be going UP the mountain, on a narrow, steep, cling to the edge, sort of road that would once again render me useless as we neared the peak. I tried. I swear I tried my best. I muttered encouraging words to myself, silently at first, then out loud as I tried to drive this road UP the mountain (very steeply mind you) but alas I once again hit a point where I could see nothing but sky on three sides of us and froze. Once again my kind husband ushered me into the passenger seat and got us the rest of the way to the top of the mountain.

Angel Lake is a beautiful pristine lake on TOP of the mountain. Okay, not all the way on the top, but pretty darn high up there! We climbed nearly 3000 feet in only 12 miles (Wells elevation is 5630 ft, Angel Lake is at 8378 ft.)

While Willis and I appreciated the lovely view of glacier, waterfalls, snow, lake, etc.… Blayde concentrated his efforts on splashing in any and all water he could find and rolling/digging in the snow. (Did I mention I just bathed and groomed him two days ago?) Despite the ride up to the lake I must say it is one of the prettiest lake settings I have ever seen.

Needless to say, Willis drove us down the mountain. I didn’t even attempt it. I did resolve, however, “Enough is enough”. I am going to sit down and plan out our next couple weeks of driving. I really don’t feel up to doing anymore “cliff hanging” driving for a while. I already have enough gray in my hair.

Happy Travels,


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