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Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross from Harry Potter

Inside Kings Cross

At the bottom of the escalator...you can see Denise with Chris and...

Downham Market train station

Walking to Chris and Anne's house

Arriving at their house

Around Downham Market

Near the clock in the town square

Downtown Downham Market

St. Edmunds church on the hill above town

Cemetery behind St. Edmunds


Dinner at the Castle Hotel

One of the benefits of having the flat is that we're able to have some of our own food there. It does get a little tiresome eating in restaurants for every meal. Our flat had cereal, bread, jam, etc which we could make use of. We also stopped at an open market the first day and picked up some fresh fruit to take back with us.

So....after a nice breakfast we made our way to the tube and up to Kings Cross....the station where the trains leave the city. This is the station that was featured in the Harry Potter movies...remember Platform 9 3/4? Very cool station.

The train north to Downham Market was about a 1 hour and 40 minute ride through small villages and LOTS of farmland. The train station in Downham Market is about a 10 minute walk to Chris and Anne's house. After unpacking...we took a walk into town for a quick lunch at Gregg's Cafe. Friday and Saturday are market days in town so we picked up some fresh steaks and pork along with fruit and vegetables for Sunday's dinner.

Anne went back to the house to put Arianna down for a while and Chris gave us a quick tour of the town. St. Edmunds...an old Anglican Church sits up on the hill above the town with an old cemetery behind it. There's also a small Catholic Church in town called St. Dominic's, a town square with a clock that dates back over 100 years and lots of really neat shops and restaurants in buildings that date back to the 1700's. The streets are narrow and cars zip around town on the wrong side of the road :).

We had dinner at the Castle Hotel...one of the oldest buildings in town. It has a small quaint pub and restaurant and some pretty good food. A quick walk to the grocery store for a little ice cream :) afterwards...and everyone was tired and happy! Looking forward to more local time in Downham Market tomorrow...

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