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Puyallup Fair - Orange Gate

Space 16, Game Farm Wilderness Park

Well, THIS was something new! Disc Golf.

This is the object of the game.

Description of this particular segment of the game

The game ends here.

The mighty Stuck (White) River, racing off of a Mt. Rainier Glacier.


It's been a trying journey. After making the decision to get out of the rain in a motorhome, we put the old homestead on the market and began selling off virtually everything we had accumulated in 45 years. Craigslist was a real blessing, and our marketing efforts were rewarded quickly, leaving us in a house devoid of furnishings - except the basics - recliners, bed, and TV. After 60 days, a nice couple finally made us an offer, closed escrow (June 6th,) and moved in right away.

It was both hard and easy to leave the old place - scene of many fun times with the family out on the deck, but stuck in an area cursed with constant winter rain and fog. Like California Chrome, we had been chomping at the bit to be off and running, and the last sixty days were hard to endure.

We started our adventure just a few miles from our old home, in a lot full of dog fanciers in Puyallup for the AKC dog show. We just fell into this unusual opportunity to witness a real AKC dog show close up. Due to some lingering time constraints (remnants of our old, tied-down life,) we were only able to watch the Chihuahua best-of-breed competition, but Duffy was certainly impressed!

Those same time constraints required that we stay in the Puget Sound area until after the Fourth of July, so we found a lovely place to live, near the kids in Auburn, WA at the Game Farm Wilderness Park, where we were introduced to FRISBEE GOLF.

It appears to be quite difficult, with different styles of discs as drivers or putters, some that slice left or right, and some that bounce like a flat rock on a lake. Players carry a rather large satchel of various discs with them. The 'hole' is a metal contraption pictured here,

and each hole is a par 3. Again, we thought we had seen it all

We end dry days with a walk along the Stuck River, which flows out of Emmons Glacier on Mt. Rainier. It's Duffy's favorite part of the day.

The one and only drawback is that we are close to the Muckleshoot Reservation in July. Holy Fireworks, Batman! We love it, but the poor dog doesn't handle the noise well, and often has to be sedated. We will be boondocking (parking and spending a free night) in the parking lot of the Muckleshoot Indian casino on the night they have their huge fireworks show. We will sedate the dog, crack open the wine, and have ringside seats.

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