Stewart Creek Bridge (Engineer Not Known)

Stewart Creek Bridge (Engineer Not Known)

Enger Tower

Geology Of Duluth Harbor

Portion Of Industrial Duluth

Yesterday Ross and Marge left the motorhome later than usual for no particular reason other than being lazy. Marge wanted to look for clothing that carries a known sun block rating because she is having a terrible time with sun burn. One of the drugs she is taking makes her very sensitive to the sun and even loads of sunblock do not help completely. Unfortunately the store she visited, Dicks Sporting Goods, does not carry any of this type of clothing.

Ross found a brochure online describing a Skyline Parkway Scenic Byway that wanders for 26 miles along a ridge above the city of Duluth. Ross printed out a map and after shopping they drove to the western entrance to the Bypass and drove less than 1/4 mile and ran into a Road Closed sign. They turned around and headed for a Tourist Information Center they passed on the way to the Bypass. At the information center they received some updated information. They learned that at both ends of the Bypass there is a section that is closed. They obtained some additional information about Duluth and got some information and recommendations on what to see and do in Duluth.

They returned to the Bypass at what is now considered to be the western entrance. The Bypass is basically a scenic roadway that runs parallel to the Lake Superior coast line and harbor of Duluth. There are numerous turn-outs where there are photo opportunities but as you travel along the road you soon learn that the scenery doesn't really change and the only thing that does change is the angle at which you take photographs of basically the same thing. Now that is a bit of an exaggeration but it did become somewhat boring the further they drove. The roadway runs through park land and residential areas with some very expensive homes blocking what at one time was probably a very picturesque scene.

As they left the campground in the morning Ross noticed a message taped to the front of the campground dumpster announcing that at 1600 there would be a get together for everyone in the campground and that you should bring something to share and if it was raining the gathering would be in the Laundromat building where there is also a small meeting room with chairs and tables. Everyone was invited be they long term residents of the campground or overnighters like Ross & Marge. Ross & Marge stopped at a grocery store to buy something to share and after finishing the Bypass tour returned to the motorhome and grabbed their drinks and walked to the Laundromat. It was a lively and noisy crowd but they met a number of new friends. This was the first time for the group but the organizers want make the gathering a weekly event. It is amazing what you learn about people in RV parks.

Ross and Marge have extended their stay here until Monday morning and they were assured they could stay as long as they wish if they needed more time to have the dishwasher repaired.

As mentioned in an earlier journal entry their dishwasher has not been working properly and they had an appointment for a service person to visit the motorhome between 1300 and 1500. A phone called was received from the service company asking if the service person could arrive earlier because of cancellation of another appointment. The service person arrived around 1130 and he was here for about an hour. Unfortunately, he could find nothing wrong with the operation of the dishwasher and no fault codes were stored in the system. One of the reasons there were no fault codes is that Ross had unplugged the dishwasher in a vain attempt to determine the problem only to learn from the serviceman that unplugging the dishwasher erases any fault codes stored in the control board memory.

One thing they did learn is that the maintenance and service booklet was never removed from the bottom of the tub by Tiffin Motorhomes. If they had that booklet they might have been able to interpret the board lights and determine what the fault code meant. Even if Ross couldn't have fixed the problem knowing the fault code would have given the serviceman the clues he needed to zero in on the problem. The serviceman did say if the dishwasher fails over the weekend that they should call him and he would return on Monday to see what he could do. Ross and Marge plan on running the dishwasher frequently over the weekend, with or without dishes.

The weather yesterday was chilly and overcast. There were some very heavy showers and as Marge was walking into the market to shop for the To-Share items a man inside the store asked her if it had started snowing yet, it was that chilly. Later in the evening the rain let up but it was cool overnight. Today the weather has been sunny with a breeze and the temperature in the upper 70's. The weather prediction for tomorrow is overcast and rain showers and a warm and sunny day for Sunday.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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