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Today was our last day in DC and I can say with all certainty that people can spend weeks here and see something new each and every day! Today we went on an all-day tour to be sure we hit every single important stop.

We had seen the White House yesterday evening (right when they turned off the lights at 11:00 pm). We also got to see it during the day. We saw the WWII Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and many of the memorials / sites that I already mentioned we saw on our own. We went on a boat cruise that was really non-eventful and a waste of time. While there were many awesome things we saw today, the greatest things we saw were at the National Archives: The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence (all of which are housed in the Rotunda of this building). We all felt so oddly proud and emotional.

It was odd because the National Archives was not part of any given trip and really kind of out of the way of the main sites. So we raced there after our day trip and just barely made it in by the skin of our teeth before they closed their doors. I think I would have been pretty upset had we not made it in there - I mean, seriously, who does not see these monumental documents when in DC??

This leg of the tour has been amazing. The only VERY UPSETTING thing I saw was an add on the side of a bus that read, "NOT WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS... Stop U.S. Aid for Palestinian Terrorism. Learn more at Notaxsforterror.com" I could not believe this bus was driving around DC, the district of the freedom trail and host of so many freedom-fighters...made me so sad (not to mention very angry)!!

I am otherwise super glad that we made it out to this extremely historical site! We are off to New York tomorrow and are also super excited to explore that City. I still cannot believe I will soon have a 14-year-old....not sure where the time went?!!?

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