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Ready to leave Florida

View of Living Space



This is the view from the rear looking to the front

Tight quarters in the bathroom

Bedroom and Frankie's space

Our Sleep Number Bed

Room for our clothes

Washer Dryer Combo

Refrigerator and Pantry

Relaxing outside in California

Some of you have asked what it is like traveling in an RV so we thought we would share pictures with you so you can see for yourself.

We travel in the coach with our car following behind on a Dolley. We travel from one RV site to another in the coach; set up our area as you see in the last photo; and then head out in the car to tour the area where we are currently staying. So far we have traveled just over 3,000 miles in the RV and 3,800 in the car over the past 6 weeks.

Believe it or not but we have quite a bit of space for storage and actually almost all of the amenities of home. Our refrigerator, as you can see, is a two door with freezer and icemaker. Yes, the kitchen area is a little bit small, but we find by cooking some meals outside on the grill really helps. We have a 4 burner gas stove and a convection microwave. No dishwasher, but we try to use paper products as much as possible.

Yes, we even have a washer/dryer combination which we have just started using. It takes longer than the normal, but it does a good job on small loads.

We even have an outside television and music area. Some of the amenities we do not have at home.

So there you are....where we have been living and will live for the duration of our trip.

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