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Drift boat, rafts (of geese and people) & kayaks

Same "boaters" and "rafters" passing down river

Geese coming to check for "treats"





All three families

Shady Cove: Rogue River RV Park, elevation 1404 GPS 42.614577 -122.810811

It only took a few hours to drive the 177 miles from south of Redding, CA to Shady Cove. OR, so we arrived in the early afternoon. Oh my, what a very, very tight space we had to negotiate into. AND, with an audience of four men sitting in the spot right next to us, even spilling over into our site. Of course, they didn't move. It's amusing entertainment to watch people struggle to get their rigs parked. Aaaah, but Dan and I did a good job working together with silent hand signals from me, and with his careful maneuvering....into an almost 90 degree turn, not hitting the sitting men, not taking out the side of their extra vehicle, a truck with wide side mirrors, which was parked right on the edge of where we needed to maneuver the truck. But, we, mostly Dan, accomplished it with very little backward and forward movement! Good job, Dan!

The Rogue River is beautiful. During the day many people are at the river edge fishing for Chinook (a type of Salmon), or floating by in drift boats-fishing, rafts-fishing or partying and some kayaks-paddlling. Also floating in "rafts" are "rafts" of geese with their goslings. There are at least three pair of geese, each with a family of what would be two, three or four year olds to us. Thankfully, these Canadian geese are not as aggressive as the farm geese we've known, and they do not vocalize as raucously as do those farm geese.

I stopped to admire them, and they came up to me expecting "treats". But when that didn't happen, instead of moving away immediately, the young ones started searching through the grass for goodies, while the adults started a very quiet hiss at me. So faint was their warning hiss to me that I almost didn't notice.

Later, as I sat at the water edge below the upper bank where the geese were, I heard a mild gwonking somewhat behind me. I turned to make sure I wasn't going to be pecked on the back or neck...once again expecting the assertive farm type geese behavior. But there, about 12 feet away and above me was a goose adult, vocalizing his disgust that I was in the way of where the family wanted to rejoin the river. They moved on down the way once he and I made eye contact.

We have very limited cell phone service here, and no WiFi. Which means it is difficult to do any computer/Internet work (it's very slow), and we can't watch our Netflix for TV. But that's okay since they offer cable service here. So we can see two different History channels, and Animal Planet, a movie channel and some network stations. Last night, whilst Dan fell asleep in the recliner after a very late dinner, I watched a program about Albert Einstein. After that I watched most of a show on American Slang....which was really about how idioms came into existence such as "A pig in a poke", "Letting the cat out of the bag" and "They got your goat".

Dan and I have always loved to learn about the meanings of words and expressions, so it was a show I really enjoyed. During the show about Einstein, I also learned that gravity is not a "pull" (as postulated by Issac Newton), but is actually a "push" caused by the bending of time & space (oooooo, that's part of the General Theory of Relativity). Also during the show, I heard the names of two contemporaries to Einstein, astronomers who were instrumental in getting the proof needed for the "theory" to be proven as true. The names were familiar to me since one was the name of a street we kids lived on when Mom and Ange married, and the other is the name of a town near San Jose in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first is Eddington (the name of the street on which we lived),who was an astronomer at Cambridge, England. The second was Campbell (as in the city of Campbell in the East Bay), one of the lead astronomers at the Lick Observatory in San Jose.

While staying in this lovely area, we hope to accomplish these things: a visit to Crater Lake National Park, just opened for the season; a loop drive down to and through Klamath Falls in southern Oregon, past the large but shallow lake, through the wildlife refuges where white pelicans are numerous; the purchase of bicycles (we got rid of our racing or touring style bikes with the curled handlebars and are favoring the "hybrids" which have a little larger tires, larger seats for larger butts, straighter and more upright handlebars and easier gears....all better for older bodies); the purchase of a big chrome box called a truck tool box ( which sits right behind the cab of the truck) and perhaps some mud flaps for the pick up (High Oh Silver), and maybe a new mini computer for me since mine is dying.

We've paid for ten days here...and it's not a cheap place. We might try to stay longer, but know that to do so will mean changing spots since this spot is already reserved for someone else. In fact, the people who were in this spot just before we arrived, stopped by for a moment. They said they have moved twice, just so they could stay longer. We'll see what happens. We are learning that our plans are written on "etch-a-sketch" tablets which can be changed as rapidly as the quick lifting of the "etch-a-sketch" film.

Until next time.......

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