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Lynn and river, Rio Verde, Ecuador

Looking down at falls, Rio Verde, Ecuador

Waterfall, Rio Verde, Ecuador

Swing bridge at falls, Rio Verde, Ecuador

Waterfall, Rio Verde, Ecuador

Waterfall, Rio Verde, Ecuador

Lynn and falls, Rio Verde, Ecuador

David and falls, Rio Verde, Ecuador

David on swing bridge, Rio Verde, Ecuador

Lynn on swing bridge, Rio Verde, Ecuador

Falls from distance near our camp ground, Rio Verde, Ecuador

Thursday 29th May 2014

Ecuadorian Jungle to Banos, Ecuador

After breakfast in the lodge, we farewelled the staff and took Frederico and his wife and one older boy and a little girl part of the way towards the town. they were apparently visiting the hospital, so we dropped them off on the way. Today is fine with high cloud and warm. We continued through mountainous country with large wild rivers in deep valleys. There were sometimes crops growing on steep sided hills with houses sometimes in apparently very inaccessible places. At around 12:30pm, we arrived at our campsite Pequena Paradiso ("Little Paradise") where we decided that because of the possible bad weather,we would not camp but would upgrade to the rooms that were comfortable and spacious. We then went with Izabela to the town of Banos - about 15-20km away - by bus and spent the afternoon there. Catching the bus was interesting as we just stood outside on the road and waved one down. The fare is 50c no matter where you get on. We first had lunch and it was a bit rainy, so we had our raincoats on.Then we watched three of the people on our trip do a bridge swing from a very high bridge over a very wild river far below in the gorge. We then bought a few things for dinner and came back to the campsite with Izabela. The others stayed in town for a bit longer and we got our bags down to the room and had a drink before dinner. Two of the group cooked dinner and we sat around till about 9:30pm when we went to bed.

Friday 30th May 2014

Banos, Ecuador

We cooked breakfast today for the group and then did washing as the weather looked as though it would be mostly fine today, then about 11:30am, we walked towards the town of Rio Verde, about 1 km away, where there is a famous waterfall. Well, famous in this area anyway.... We walked through the town - there was even a boating lake - and then down to the viewing area at the top part of the falls. There were 2 swing bridges high over the gorge and Lynn walked over them twice - once without camera and once with camera - and took photos of the view. David didn't go over the bridges. We then walked back up and had a delicious freshly made chicken empanada and a pineapple juice at a little restaurant then went down to the other side (the bottom) of the falls. We walked down a very steep track and then visited the three viewing platforms where there was a great deal of spray from the falls. Lynn crawled through a low tunnel up to the higher lookout nearer the falls and then we went right down to the bottom and crossed another swing bridge (even David) to the other side of the gorge with the river rushing about 50 metres below. It was a very spectacular sight. This part of Ecuador is very scenic with large rivers at the bottom of steep gorges with almost perpendicular cliffs and thick forests all over the mountains. We then walked back up the steep track, had an ice cream and walked back to our accommodation. Tonight was our cooking night so we cut up veggies and chicken and cooked a stir fry, chatted for a while then to bed about 10:30pm.

Saturday 31st May 2014

Banos, Ecuador

Today we had a quiet day, some of the group went on a canyoning trip and after breakfast, we posted the blog and then caught the bus to the town. A couple of buses went past without stopping but eventually one stopped for us. Once there, we had lunch and then spent time looking through some souvenir shops. Banos is a very tourist (backpacker) town. Today was rainy in the morning but by the time we reached town it was fine and mostly sunny. At about 5:00pm we caught the bus back to Rio Verde and to our accommodation. This time the bus stopped right outside the door. Time for an aperitif before dinner - Barbecue tonight. A Dragoman truck with 4 passengers is here tonight. We leave tomorrow morning for Cuenca, our last town in Ecuador.

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