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Redding, CA. GPS 40.481279 -122.325292. Elevation 433 ft

Oh my, how good it is to finally get back on the road. We left the Camping World repair center, with a new toilet onboard, at 4:16! Traveled through heavy commuter traffic until we cleared the Sacramento airport. I drove about half of the 160 miles from Sacramento to Redding on fairly lightly trafficked and smooth Hwy 5.

What a saga with the repairs. We gave up on the fireplace repair since the manufacturer claims the fireplace only comes with one speed for the fan - even though our fireplace has two, the remote and the buttons on the bottom of it have two, and the owners manual speaks of two fan settings. So I guess, all that the manufacturer was sending to be instaalled for repair replacement was a one setting fan motor....hence, it never seemed repaired to us.....because it wasn't! Just a new, lesser part replaced the previous original part.

The simple toilet repair, which should have taken only a few days to get parts and then just a few minutes to install, ended up being about a three week project. When we finally got to the repair shop this morning for installation of the just received parts, they soon discovered that there was more wrong with the toilet than we thought. Soooooooo, the end result was that we got a new toilet out of it all. It's fairly fancy, as RV toilets go! And it's high.....I can only reach the floor with my toes when seated on this new throne.

So, by late afternoon we were ready to head out of town....back on the road again. Boy did it feel good to get rolling.

We are stopped for two nights at a campground right on the Sacramento River just south of Redding. Instead of old wooden fences, weeds, gravel and asphalt parking lots and nearby blank walls of buildings, we now have a view across a grassy area studded with mature oak trees, to the fact moving glistening river just beyond. It's a wonderful view, and a grand one for eyes tired of dreariness.

Sunday, June 1, we'll head to Oregon for about 10 days on the Rogue River in a place called Shady Grove. We've not been there before. Unfortunately, as it turns out, our river side site is not situated so that our wonderful, big back window would look out at the river as we do here now. The windowless front of the trailer will face the river. But, nevertheless, it will be nice to be right on the river.

Until next time.half

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