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2014 Day 15 Distance: 20 Total: 3106

Campground: Top 10 Seaside Greymouth

Weather not fit for man or beast. Since yesterday afternoon, there has been constant rain, sometimes heavy, thunder at times, low clouds and winds over 30 mph.

Our drive this morning, took us over some winding and narrow roads, then through the forest, with carpets of ferns lining both sides of the road.

Morning coffee is becoming our habit and today was no exception and we stopped at Roddy Nugget Café and Bar. Good coffee and lots of old motorcycles and parts and gold mining equipment on display.

Arriving at Greymouth, we are staying at another Top 10 park – this one overlooks the beach but with the rain and wind, we are probably not going for a walk on the beach.

We had more one lane bridges this morning and had to do battle with a big bus that was passing us on the narrow bridge. I talked to the driver at the fuel station later and he said he was 5 minutes behind schedule. I asked him how schedule and safety mattered to him and he said it was our fault that he had to pass.

Driving in New Zealand. Once out of the cities there are no motorways (freeways/expressways). The roads are very good two lane roads. Out in the rural areas, one lane bridges are common – some are suspension bridges, a few are truss and girder bridges, the rest are just one lane bridges. Each bridge has a sign that indicates which direction has the right of way (give way in Kiwi). One bridge the other day was over 2 km long, but did have some passing areas. Roundabouts – get used to the traffic circles, you find them in rural areas, in the city, major intersections. The good news is that drivers do obey the rules of the road, if you are in the roundabout, you have the right away over vehicles trying to enter – cannot imagine these ever working in Houston – too many VIPs who cannot be bothered to wait their turn.

Our time in New Zealand is coming to an end. We have 2 more days, then leave for Sydney on Monday. Weather forecast is for rain all night tonight and all day tomorrow along the coast, but it looks like we should drive to the sunshine when we cross the mountains to Hanmer Springs.

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