Ross and Marge left Joliet Tuesday morning around 0800 and drove to Cedar Springs, Michigan where they had reservations at the Lakeside Camp Park. It was a relatively easy drive with no really heavy traffic anywhere along the way and what traffic there was moved at or slightly below the speed limit. They picked up Interstate 80 south of Chicago and those portions of the road in Illinois and Indiana are toll roads. For the portions of I 80 they used they paid two tolls of $1.75 each. Near Gary, Indiana Ross stopped to refuel because once they enter Michigan there are no Flying J stations along the route they were to follow. The surprise they found, although Ross should have remembered, is the advertised price is the cash price if you have a tax card where you pay the tax directly to the State and not through the fuel distributor. That means the advertised fuel price was about $0.15 cents per gallon more because they do not qualify for a tax card. Bottom line, this was most expensive fuel to date on this trip at $4.009 per gallon.

The day before they left Joliet Ross received a telephone call from the wife of his old Air Force friend and unfortunately she told Ross her husband died four years ago. Ross suspected this to be the case but this is the type of news that never goes down well.

As for what they did for the three days they spend in Joliet it was essentially a rest visit as it was just to inconvenient to use the public transportation that would have taken them to the Union Station which was somewhat familiar to Ross as that was the Station he used to board the train to Arlington Heights some 53 years ago. The more convenient train would have delivered them into Chicago at a more reasonable time but only to a station located well below the downtown Chicago Loop in an area that as Ross remembered was not good 53 years ago and it has not likely changed much since then.

The afternoon of our arrival in Cedar Springs they drove back into Grand Rapids and met their grandson Morgan at his apartment. Morgan took them for a quick driving tour around the campus of Calvin College and then they returned to the motorhome because Morgan had to study for his final final scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning was the day their grand-daughter, Katie, was flying into Grand Rapids from Boston where she attends college at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. Ross & Marge picked her up at the Gerald Ford Airport and from there they drove to Morgan's apartment where they met Morgan and they all drove to PF Chang's for an early lunch. Ater lunch they took Morgan back to his apartment and then took Katie back to their motorhome where Katie is residing until she returns to school in Wenham.

Today Katie wanted to visit with her brother and tag along as Morgan visited several of his friends to say his good-byes. Both Morgan and Katie are going to a new Godzilla movie this evening with a friend of Morgan's. They will be going to the late show as Morgan's friend works and does not get off until 2100. It will likely be well after midnight before Katie gets back to the motorhome.

This afternoon Ross and Marge spent a good chunk of money for two new dining chairs for the motorhome. There is an Amish goods outlet in Cedar Springs and they found two chairs that match the cabinetry in the motorhome and are far superior in construction to those chairs supplied by Tiffin.

Ross and Marge decided to go out for dinner this evening and they dined at the Big Bob Restaurant just up the road from the campground. Big Bob is now on the list of restaurants that they will not likely return to anytime soon. After dinner they visited an ice cream shop in downtown Cedar Springs and treated themselves to some of the best ice cream either one has tasted since they were last in Nova Scotia.

The weather has been great except for the first night when it rained extremely hard in the early morning hours and the rain was accompanied by loud thunder and lightning. The dog is not accustomed to thunderstorms and Marge woke in the middle of the night to find the dog curled up alongside her on the floor which is not the place he usually sleeps. Since then the weather has been great. Wednesday was warm and humid but this morning it was very cool and it has been cool all day. The forecast is for this weather to last until Monday when there may be a slight warming trend. It is windy during the day but after the sun goes down the wind abates to a very slight breeze and it makes for very comfortable sleeping weather.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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