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Jasmine, striking a pose...

Checking out an early birthday card & gift...

Love that girl!

Happy Mother's Day!

Larry & Mom at the restaurant for dinner...

Nice painting on the wall...

Mandy cat enjoying Mom's balloon later that evening!

Onyx just watched, lol!

So happy to be here...Love you Mom!

Wow, the time has really flown by quickly. I can't believe I haven't posted since the 6th! If you are friends on Facebook, you probably know that we left Vegas on the 10th, as we wanted to spend Mother's Day with Mom here in Ely. We arrived about 6pm and were greeted with cold, windy weather and a 40 degree drop in temperature! Brrrrrr....Not much fun setting the rig up. Mom prepared dinner for us which is always welcome on a travel day. It snowed later that evening & temps were in the low 20's, but, I'm pleased to say that the weather improved greatly within a few days. In fact I think we hit 78-80 yesterday. Nice!

Sunday was Mother's Day of course, so we spent the entire day with Mom. I had planned to prepare a chicken dinner but we ultimately decided to dine out with Mom, sister Lori & her hubby Marion. We had a nice meal and a good visit with them. Mom opened her gifts & seemed to be pleased with everything. Sister Elaine sent her a new telephone system for her house so we got that installed. Nice big buttons, good volume and easy to operate. Works well Elaine, she's very happy!

Larry & Marion spent an entire day mowing & edging Mom's yard. Oh my, what a mess it was! No attention all winter long and her gardener has been a no show for the past few weeks. Of course, he showed up the very next day! Which is fine with Larry, he wasn't looking for a permanent position, lol! Yesterday he spent several hours doing more weed-eating and spraying both the weeds and ants. Man, Mom's property has a lot of BIG ants around. Hope some of the 'food' back to the queen. We need to knock her out for sure.

Thursday evening Larry & I attended a steak dinner at the Elk's Club. We will be initiated on May 29th and finally complete the process for membership. We've been trying to get this done since last year. The dinner was delicious and afterward we stuck around and watched two short films. Wow, the Elk's do some fine 'things' for the area. We will be proud to be members and look forward to helping when we can. We also look forward to the added benefit of camping on Elk's properties around the country. We understand there are many, some very nice, all friendly. :)

We will be in Ely another two weeks, taking care of 'honey-do's' for Mom and attempting to sort through our stored boxes. We're considering a yard sale but haven't made a final decision on that one yet. We don't own much of value anymore and I'm not sure it's worth all the effort & time to set it all up. Of course, everything sells fairly quickly around here as the shopping is quite limited, so we'll see as the week rolls along. I'm still not up to par with my recent 'cold' thing, still coughing & fighting a daily headache. What's up with that??? I've been blaming it on all the flowering 'weeds' so maybe Larry cutting & spraying will help in the next few days. Sure hope so.

Today's pics include a few taken on our last visit with the kids. Because we weren't well the last 2 weeks we were in town we weren't able to visit with a couple of family & friends as planned. We are so sorry about that, but trust me, you really didn't want us around!!! Warren, you are one of those in case you are reading this. And DJ & Christina as well. We sure wanted to see our great granddaughter Rose again before leaving. So, save all those hugs & kisses & we'll see you all in December, ok?

Well, that's it for now. We are all settled in for another couple of weeks, the weather is good, we're feeling better and Mom is doing great! We plan to get out & about a bit over the next couple of weeks so should get a few good pics of the local area to share.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you are all doing well. Drop us a line now & then.

We enjoy hearing from you too :)

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