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Redland Buddhist Temple

Coral Fences


May 15, 2014

Lots of rain last night so had to sleep with the fan on. We have an easy drive today to Boca Raton with a stop in Redland.

From the Keys we took HWY 1 through the Everglades to Redland. We didn’t realize how close it was to Homestead where we spent two nights.

We really did not see a center town and shops but we did see a school with so many buses. They must come from all over to the school. There were acres upon acres of nurseries, all sorts of tropical plants and tropical fruits that cannot be grown commercially elsewhere in the US. Although not tropical, Redland is the only spot in the US where tomatoes can be grown in the winter. We did see stands advertising mango, guava, passion fruit, lychee etc. They were closed although we could see some of the fruit. The land is absolutely flat with two lane road grids. Some of the homes were mansion-like with wide gates and of course tropical trees. Other buildings on large plots of land were modest. I did get to see some of the walls made from coral which was unique.

Headed for Boca Raton via the FL Turnpike Hwy (821). The rain came down in sheets such that we could barely see the car in front of us. As others did, we put on our emergency lights and drove through the thunder and lightning. By 4:00 when we reached the Pasekoffs the rain had stopped.

We had not seen the Pasekoffs since 2,000 when they passed through LA on their way to Australia. It was nonstop chatter from the moment we hit the door. Wonder if there will be any more to talk about when we all see each other in Pittsburgh, PA for the 50th high school reunion. Howard’s younger sister, Elaine, and family stopped by. She has an interesting job of interviewing authors about new books and then having the interviews available for radio stations like NPR to pick up. She has interviewed Jeffrey Deavers, Doris Kearns Goodwin etc.

Another small world story. Laurie and I were talking about her son-in-law, Marc Dinitiz, who is head of percussion in the Air Force band in Washington DC. We called to ask him if he knew Jay Heltzer (trombonist) and son of our very dear LA friends. They are friends!

Had a quiet dinner at home. Bob grilled some salmon and Laurie made wonderful sweet potatoes, broccoli cole slaw and a salad followed by apple crumble pie. Wine was a 2012 Torrontes (forget the producer!)

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