Heather and Gary in Europe - Spring 2014 travel blog

Flying home to Ottawa... that's Buckingham Palace down there!

Wednesday May 28

Time to return to Canada.

We left our hotel around 9:30 and walked to the Underground (Piccadilly Line) at St. Pancras / King's Cross station. It was closer to 10:45 by the time the Underground arrived at Heathrow, a little later than we would have liked, but we still had plenty of time to check in, clear security and enjoy a small breakfast.

Heather began to feel a cold coming on before we boarded the plane and was full of cold during the flight over. Perhaps all the damp and rain during the last few days was the final straw. The flight was fine with only a few small bouts of turbulence, and we arrived 40 minutes earlier than scheduled which was good by us!

As usual, Wendy picked us up on her way home from work and we were soon back home. After a short chat about the house and the garden, Wendy left us to relax after the flight. By this time, Heather was full of cold and feeling rather poorly. Gary was also very tired. It was good to be home, but we did not feel too energetic. We spent a little time getting things together in the house, watched the 6:00 local news, and had a very early night.

It is good to be home again with lots of wonderful memories, some new and renewed acquaintances and friendships, as well as thousands of photographs to review in the weeks ahead.

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