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Trieste - fashionable at any age

Trieste - James Joyce and twin

Get the message......

Piran, Slovenia

Hanging out in Piran



Pit stop - $800 later !

Castle Miramare, Trieste


Just us and the paragliders


Slovenia - Vipavska Valley

Village of Stanjel

Meet and greet with President Borut Pahor of Slovenia

Oompah music all the way......

Ljubljana - capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana - putting the world to rights on the Dragon Bridge

Milk filling station

The good news - a beer with lunch in Ljubljana

The bad news - undressing to get at your money belt

I want those sunglasses!

Cool dude !

Zastava auto - they don't make them like they used to.

I feel Slovenia !

This week has seen no big hikes, but lots of exercise and some interesting experiences. We have spent most of the week in a new country – Slovenia, although we have dipped into Italy a couple of times as well. We have seen the very Italian, but unheralded city of Trieste, walked around several quirky medieval villages (one of which is stuck out on a promontory into the Adriatic Sea), camped with a bunch of world class paragliders, seen the President of Slovenia make a speech and spent a day in the splendid small capital city of Ljubljana.

We are well established into our carefree routine of strenuous hiking, early morning runs, seeing some interesting places, moving on or doing absolutely nothing – all as the mood takes.

Things we have learned this week:

1. Despite both Croatia and Slovenia being part of the EU, there is a border checkpoint between the countries – the border patrol cubicles are 5 feet apart and you get a passport stamp at both…..

2. When you want to see more sights and your spouse/partner is addicted to chocolate and you see a chocolate shop that they have not noticed, do you

(a) Tell them

(b) Pretend not to notice, or

(c) Hide as much of the sign with your body as possible and pretend something interesting is happening across the road? You decide……….

3. The only musical instrument in existence in Slovenia is the accordion.

4. Scheduled bus arrival time 4:10 p.m., or 4:25 p.m. if the bus runs out of diesel and the driver must make a quick pit stop (see photos).

5. When you get the opportunity to see the President of a country speak live, you show up. It, however, does nothing for Canada / UK / Slovenian diplomatic relations when you leave half way through his speech (that you cannot understand anyway) as you need to get to the next campsite.

6. Ljubljana is one of the nicest cities either of us has been to. It just “feels” right. We’ve never seen so many outdoor cafes and bars.

7. One from last week – needing advice on the camper van, we visited a VW dealer in Croatia and Ian had a technical tire discussion with the mechanic (not the owner or manager) in English.

8. It says a lot for the priorities of the trip when after a few hours of sightseeing on our own (mental health time), we meet up and one of us is more excited about a gelateria (ice cream shop) than all the 1,000 year old history in the wonderful city.

European Trivia

Each week we will give you a trivia question pertaining to the country we send the blog from. We will give you the answer the following week. No “Googling”………….

Last week’s question: Croatia: Which breed of dog that was featured in a 1961 Walt Disney movie took its name from a region of Croatia?

And the answer is: The Dalmatian - as in 101 Dalmatians!

This week’s question:

Slovenia - Which world famous horse stud was founded in Slovenia in 1580 by Austrian Archduke Karl II?

Until next week!


Liz and Ian

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