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May 9, 2014

The evening was balmy and we have a lamp near the site which provides good light. Bob sat outside but I am still skittish about bug bites so sat inside with the screen. There was a lovely breeze that made sleeping with the screens very pleasant.

Found last night that the automatic email notice of journal updates is again working. The notice seemed a bit confusing but at least you will get email notices from me.

Sprinter repair place was efficient. For $100 they plug us into a diagnostic machine. Bottom line is that we still don’t know why this new light went on but the solution was to put in more DEF fluid! Usually a DEF light goes on when the level is low. Before we left the lot a new light went on. This time it was the front head light was burned out. They changed it for no charge and I think happy to see us go!

I randomly selected the Hilton Convention Center as a place to park the car near a Water Taxi stop in Ft. Lauderdale. As it turned out there was a small lot under the causeway which provided shade and was literally 15 feet from the taxi stop. Ft. Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America and the Yachting Capital of the World. There are 12 Water Taxi stops. For a senior pass ($18) you can hop on/off all day long. The captains provide entertaining commentary throughout the ride and are generally fun to be around. We got off at Las Olas Blvd. which is the tony shopping area. We wandered around for a while but the shops were not of much interest to us. We were trying to determine how to go to the Riverwalk when a local fellow asked if he could of help. He told us about and Italian bakery/panini/pizza place, Gran Fornaio. Bob had a wood fire pizza and I had a sausage/fresh mozzarella bruschetta. The bread and crust were incredibly good. We had Bulgarian beer that was on special….pretty tasty!

Got back on the Water Taxi and rode around for another 90 minutes. The mansions and yachts of the many billionaires who own property on the intercoastal waterways is mind numbing. Part of the fun is hearing stories about the people who live there. Wayne Huizenga (founded AutoNation, Waste Management and Blockbuster) has several estates one of which was a $30 million house he gave his niece for a wedding present. There were many Feadship (Dutch) super yachts docked next to mega mansions sold for $60 plus million. Steve Forbes purchased a Feadship 5 years ago and it is just being completed now. There was one $35 million yacht that had three airplane engines that burned 750 gallons of gas an hour. The only wild life we saw were some pretty big lizards on the lawns. Was a fun trip!

Decided to return to last night’s camp which was pleasant enough. We stopped at the Ft. Lauderdale Mercedes Dealership (REALLY fancy Mercedes) We needed new batteries for the key fobs. The line in the service area was very long but fortunately, a guy asked Bob what he wanted. He said Bob was a lucky guy, took two batteries out of a drawer, installed them for free and we were on our way!

We are finding the heat/humidity are tiring so we are happy not to cram too terribly much into a day. If we miss something, we can always come back on another trip! Tomorrow we are meeting Roberto Kweller, a Buenos Aires relative who lives in Miami, for lunch. We have been corresponding with him since we put our family tree together after our return from Argentina. We then head for the Keys.

Tonight we are having steak, green beans and a salad. 2010 Guigal Cotes du Rhone.

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